Have you ever said to yourself, “It doesn’t matter what I do, my lawn never looks good,” your soil may be the problem. To have a healthy beautiful lawn, you need to start with the base which is your soil. Soil Amendments contain micro-nutrients such as iron and sulfur in addition to 60 plus trace minerals. Just like your potted plants, your lawn’s soil leaches nutrients over time. Unfortunately, you can’t just repot your lawn. That is when a soil amendment application is beneficial, to step in to help resupply your soil with the nutrients it is starving for. It will also help sandy soil retain water and nutrients, opens up the pores in clay soil making it more permeable, and helps lawns that are plagued with fungus. Amending soil takes time, so don’t expect overnight results but the results are well worth the wait.

See microbial activity in 1-2 weeks

Enhance root development in 1-2 weeks

Restructure the soil and changes the bulk density in 3-6 weeks

See foliar impact within 1-2 months

Additional benefits are: reduces soil compaction, increases water retention, supports root growth and  proliferation, enhances chlorophyll production, and improves photosynthesis.


Cut watering costs by 50% and keep your landscape green and healthy. A single treatment can increase watering efficiency and fertilizer uptake by managing root zone moisture for up to 3 months. It works like tiny water magnets, attracting and holding water molecules in the soil to create water droplets that plant roots can use. These “water magnets” keep your root zone hydrated 2 to 3 times longer, extending the watering interval of plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses. It is even non-toxic and can be used in gardens and vegetable planters.


Tired of all the time spent weeding your flowerbeds? Specially formulated pre- emergent herbicide can be applied to your planter & shrub beds, to help reduce the number of broadleaf weeds like dandelions and other unwanted weeds.


The best lawn care service value for your dollar is aeration of the lawn. Aeration reduces soil compaction, retards thatch build-up by increasing microorganism activity and allows thatch to decompose naturally. Aeration has many benefits; it will enable air, moisture, and fertilizer to reach the root zone. Also, water is saved due to decreased runoff. Utah State Extension Service suggests that your lawn be aerated AT LEAST once a year.